From Cricket to Golf GPS Devices

I was surprised to learn that golfers, who most of us cricketers are at some point or not in our cricketing career were now allowed to use GPS devices in competitions. Is that not cheating i asked.

Well, my friend Ian from told me that GPS are allowed based on local rules for some clubs. Most golf clubs these days now allow these superb devices to show the golfers the way to the green. I wish sometimes whilst batting that i had a watch telling me how long it was to the boundary, as falling short so many times cost me dear.

Anyway, apparently these Golf GPS watches and also now phone like devices are all over the place. “Alexa how far is it to that lake” would be my question, as im bound to end up in it. Maybe i should ask “Alexa how deep is that pond”, as fetching my ball from it would probably be more worthy of my request of these talking Golf GPS devices.

So if you are in the market for a Golfing Aid, then maybe lookup my old Mate Ian on GolfBuddy and lets see if he cant get a one of those latest voice controlled golf gps thingy majigs