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One of the driving factors as to why players choose DICE’s Battlefield series over the likes of Call of Duty comes down to realism. With the latest reveal trailer for Battlefield V, the next installment will be no different as it looks as realistic as ever…visuals wise at least.

Two years after the series returned to its roots with Battlefield 1, which takes place in World War One, the new trailer reveals that the franchise will again be revisiting WWII.

After a day, the Battlefield V official reveal trailer is suffering from a heavy like/dislike ratio on YouTube. Many attribute this to the alternative history seen in the trailer. Alongside a myriad of crazy, haphazard events occurring at once in the trailer, there are soldiers feature blue face paint, wielding cricket bats, katanas, and firing v1 rockets. One of the more interesting points of contention revolves around the female soldier in the trailer.

While DICE has received criticism in the past for not including female avatars or characters in the series, something Call of Duty has been doing for years, many feel that they are simply pandering now. Personally, the outrage seems to be a bit misplaced in regards to a female being in the trailer, as there were 350,000 women in the United States Army in WWII.

Many have voiced their opinions across social media, using the hashtag #NotMyBattlefField.

We veteran players who have supported the franchise and have played countless hours of your amazing games play BF because of it’s great squad gameplay and wonderful mostly accurate immersion. If I wanna play a game with katanas and steampunk sally there’s other options where these characters make sense. Not in WW2.

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