Stuart Broad makes waves in football fantasy league | Cricket Bats | England

The number 169 just took on even greater significance for England bowler Stuart Broad. It’s his highest Test score, and it’s now also the fantasy football score that made him lead the Fantasy Premier League for game week 37. Broad is first among nearly six million contestants in the latest round of English Premier League matches, and he joked on Twitter that the achievement rivaled his 8 for 15 in the 2015 Ashes.

Broad is a fan of Nottingham Forest, who do not play in the Premier League, and so has the advantage of being able to make unbiased picks in his Fantasy XI. He made Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang his captain and got 46 points for him, thanks to Aubameyang’s three goals and one assist over the week. Broad also got 15 points each for Chelsea left back Marcos Alonso, who scored against Huddersfield, and Tottenham centre back Jan Vertonghen, who helped keep a clean sheet against Newcastle. He used the “bench boost” option, which means he got points for his substitutes.

There is still one more match to go in the game week, and Broad will find it hard to hold on to top spot since he has just one player from the two teams playing, Manchester United and West Ham. If he stays in the top 20, he will win a bunch of goodies from Fantasy Premier League. For the season, Broad ranks somewhere in the 900,000s out of nearly six million in the fantasy league.


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