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This is part of the Glenavy Cricket Club’s raid on the house they suspect has gear stolen in a burglary of their clubrooms.

A cricket club in a rural South Canterbury settlement got on the front foot in handing out its own form of backroad justice after its clubrooms were burgled.

The tiny township of Glenavy on the banks of the Waitaki River boasts its own cricket club and its members take great pride in their small clubrooms and grounds.

However, their pride was crushed when they discovered their clubrooms had been ransacked when several members stopped in for a casual drink on Monday evening.

The Glenavy Cricket Club has a great strike rate when it comes to solving burglaries.


The Glenavy Cricket Club has a great strike rate when it comes to solving burglaries.

Club members launched their own investigations with a “rough idea of who the culprits were”.

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The word went out and several senior team members set out on Tuesday evening, eventually door knocking a Glenavy address where some of the the stolen goods were recovered through sheer persistence.

The confrontation was captured on camera and posted to Facebook by club members to demonstrate they had acting lawfully and for the purpose of evidence.

About $50 in change, $500 in assorted liquor, cricket bats, two stereos, hats and 20 years of score books had gone missing.

Two crates of beer, two boxes of bourbon, cricket bats and a stereo were recovered.

A spokesman for the club said police were then called.

The club filed a complaint with police on Tuesday morning, the spokesman said.

“We already had a rough idea of who they were as they had been snooping around Glenavy.

“We had an inclination and we just walked round there and got it sorted.

“All we did was knock on the door and talk to a guy.

“He wouldn’t let us in then another guy arrived and let us in.”

The stolen items were then recovered from a bedroom in the house.

“Once we found the stuff we rang the cops.

“We are pretty happy we got some stuff back but there is still stuff missing.”

Police communications said police had received a report of theft from the club about 5.45pm on Tuesday.

“It looks like some items have been stolen,” the spokesman said.

“Someone has tracked down where the items are and they have advised police.

“Police have attended and no one has been arrested.

“At this stage there are further inquiries, police are looking at evidence as to whether anyone will be arrested.”

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