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Oiling Your Cricket Bat
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Far too many bats coming back for repair have been over-oiled. There is a danger that you can damage the wood fibres by over oiling. It is better not to oil than to over-oil.

Polyarmour bats or bats with face tape do not need oiling other than perhaps a very light coat to the toe to avoid water getting in and causing the wood to swell.

To oil your bat properly
  1. Using a soft rag, apply a light coat of oil to the front, edges, toe and back of the bat blade. 
  2. Keep bat in a horizontal position.
  3. After 2 weeks, lightly sand with very fine sandpaper and apply another light coat of linseed oil to the face, edges and toe (not the back).
  4. Repeat after 2 more weeks ensuring the bat is kept horizontal between oilings.
  5. Only use raw linseed oil.

<< Knocking in your cricket bat

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