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Custom Cricket Bats
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Custom Cricket Bats

A custom made cricket bat, is a bat made to your specific design, size, weight,  handle size and shape all designed with you in mind.  A Custom made cricket bat is normally a service reserved for the professionals, and having a bat which is designed to suit your playing style is the ultimate cricket bat.

Visit the Workshop
You can supply the master bat maker with your bat details, sit back and wait for your bat to be delivered to your home, or you have the option of visiting the workshop, meet the master bat maker and supplying all your details face to face.

Top Quality Willow
Normally when you buy a cricket bat from a major bat manufacturer the willow is good, but probably not the best, when selecting a custom made bat, you can choose your own willow, and ask all the questions you want about the wood, before you actually get it made into your cricket bat.

Try before you buy
One of the best features of a custom made cricket bat is the try before you buy service,  imagine taking a net with a bat you are about to buy.  Make sure its right for you, if is not , then the bat maker can change it and ensure you are 100% happy with your bat before you leave the workshop.  This service is especially good for junior cricketers and their parents.

Three Grades of Willow to Choose from
The cricket bats are available in 3 different grades of willow.

Test Grade
this is normally reserved for the top professionals, the "Test Grade" is truly the ultimate willow for your cricket bat.  Especially for professionals and up and coming junior players who either play for or who are on the fringe of junior county level.

Grade One
Ideal for fringe county and good club level players, the Grade One Willow is an excellent performer and has great  lasting power.

Grade 3/4
Affordable willow, with great performance, all players junior and senior can benefit from great willow at an affordable price.

Buying Online

We have teamed up with Fusion Sports to offer you the chance to get your own hand crafted, custom cricket bat.  Buy online here


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<< Cricket Bat Willow Grading

Oiling your Cricket Bat >>